An Idiots Guide To Twitter – What To Know and Be Aware Of

An Idiots Guide To Twitter – What To Know and Be Aware Of

Are you new to social networking and want to learn the fundamentals of one of the best platforms in the world? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Twitter is a social networking service where somewhere around 330 million users interact with each other through short messages of up 280 characters. Today there’s over 6,000 tweets being sent through cyberspace every second, ranging from basic text messages to gifs, memes, images, videos, and even more. Twitter is one of the most celebrated social networking sites and is very different to other social media giants like Instagram and Facebook.

Twitter is a platform where people publish a multitude of information; from news, jokes, politics, or just universal thoughts about odd topics! In place of having a circle of friends like Facebook, Twitter is built upon followers (not specifically friends) so not only can you connect with friends, but also your favourite journalists, sport stars, and politicians as well. Anything you submit on Twitter is accessible publicly for anyone to see, but don’t panic, you can easily change your preferences to private if you wish to.


The first step in learning Twitter is to understand the basic terms and lingo used. The following lists the most popular vernacular:

Tweet – A 280-character message

Retweet (RT) – Sharing a tweet created by another person

Feed – The list of tweets you’ll find on your homepage from individuals that you choose to follow

Handle – Your username

Mention (@) – A way of referencing other users in a tweet (e.g. @EAGames). Any user mentioned in a tweet is informed, being a practical way to engage with other members publicly

Direct Message (DM) – A private message (280 characters) sent to another user. You can either select to accept DM’s from all users or just users that you follow

Hashtag (#) – A keyword or phrase used to describe a topic or theme in a discussion (e.g. #Vegans). You can locate tweets from all users that mention a certain hashtag by clicking on the hashtag itself.

Creating an Account

Creating an account is simple and straightforward, just download the app or go to and hit the signup tab. The full name you enter will be your display name, but this can be altered as regularly as you want. Pick a username (or handle) so members can mention you by typing the @ symbol before your username. After you’ve typed in your telephone number for verification purposes, selected an avatar, and created a quick bio about yourself so others can see your hobbies and interests, you’re good to go!

Joining the Twitterverse

As discussed earlier on, Twitter isn’t about friending, it’s about following. Not only can you follow your friends, but also any other characters of which you’re an admirer. Once you’ve registered, Twitter will provide a basic type of setup wizard to help you start, like suggesting some people that you might want to follow. You can grant Twitter permission to surf your contacts list to find any of your friends that are already using Twitter. Following friends and other users is really easy, and once you’ve started following certain users, Twitter will continue to offer suggestions for other users to follow depending upon the kinds of users you’re currently following. All the tweets of your followers will show up in your Feed, so the more you follow, the more Tweets will appear in sequential order in your Feed.

Tweet Something

You can Tweet anything you like, as long as it obeys Twitters rules and guidelines ( This includes mentioning other users (@), promoting a topic or theme (#), or Retweeting other user’s comments (RT). Simply click on the ‘Compose New Tweet’ button and you can Tweet text, images, photos, videos, gifs – an entire range of different media that can be uploaded through your device. Bear in mind though, videos can only be up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, however photos and images do not count towards your character limit, which is fantastic!

Once you understand the basics of Twitter, the world is practically at your fingertips! You can keep up to date with the current trends, be the first to watch viral posts, and socialise with your friends and favourite personalities in a simple and easy to use platform.

Once you’ve got started using Twitter, the rest will fall into place organically, so why join the Twittersphere today? If you need any assistance with getting started on Twitter, simply speak to Internet Marketing Experts Mt Gambier on 1300 595 013, or visit our website for further information:


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